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Vaughan SEO has emerged as one of the area’s top website and application development companies, having designed and developed hundreds of projects for organizations of all types and sizes.

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We would love the opportunity to determine whether we might be a good fit for your organization. We encourage you to check out our work, and then get in touch to arrange a time to meet. As always, our discovery sessions and proposal is free of charge.

Web Design & Development

Our approach to development is based on relationship building. We see our primary role as getting to know you and your organization well enough to confidently represent you online. To do this, we must become familiar with your goals and your brand strategies. We then work collaboratively to determine how to best create leads, sell products, support sales teams, and/or communicate with stakeholders, all with solutions that keep business continuity as a priority. We believe our focus on client relationships makes us a strong choice for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization work, or SEO, is becoming increasingly recognized as one of the highest value marketing channels for most businesses. We work almost exclusive with Google. Successful SEO work brings potential buyers directly to your product experience, typically for a much higher return on investment than other marketing work. Indeed, with more businesses recognizing the value, SEO work has become the fastest growing part of our business.

Mobile Web Development

Sometime in 2013 mobile Google searches surpassed desktop searches. You want to be sure that mobile web traffic visitors have the experience you worked so hard to achieve on your desktop website. Developing an effective mobile web presence is not simply making the format of your website smaller. Mobile sites must be significantly different in order to maximize user experience through an interface uniquely different than desktop.

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